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In early 2011, the department of insurance increased its minimum Texas auto insurance requirements. To comply with the new Texas auto insurance requirements, drivers must carry bodily injury liability limits of, no less than, $30,000 per person and $60,000 per accident with $25,000 of Texas auto insurance property damage liability. These Texas auto insurance requirements apply to all drivers of personal passenger vehicles.

To ensure drivers comply with Texas auto insurance requirements, the state uses the TexasSure system to monitor its Texas auto insurance activity. This automated Texas auto insurance system provides Texas officials with the ability to verify driver compliance in real-time. The state requires each of its authorized Texas auto insurance carriers to submit policy information into the system. For each policy, Texas auto insurance carriers must enter the Texas auto insurance policy number, driver’s license numbers, vehicle identification numbers, coverages and policy inception and cancellation dates. Texas auto insurance carriers must update the system weekly with any changes made to its issued Texas auto insurance policies.

Although Texas uses the TexasSure system, Texas drivers are still required to carry proof of their Texas auto insurance coverage at all times and be prepared to show their proof of Texas auto insurance upon request. Failure to present this proof can result in a ticketed violation, even if the official is able to verify proof of the Texas auto insurance in the TexasSure system. Valid proof of Texas auto insurance includes a Texas auto insurance card, declaration page or Texas auto insurance binder that is printed on letterhead and signed by the carrier or agent.

With nearly 13.5 million drivers, the state of Texas is ranked the number two state with the most licensed drivers and estimates that nearly 20% of its drivers fail to maintain Texas auto insurance. Drivers that fail to comply with Texas auto insurance requirements are subject to penalties that include fines up to $1,000, license suspensions and registration revocations, vehicle impoundment for up to 180 days, along with the resulting vehicle impoundment storage fees.

In order to obtain a license or reinstate suspended driving privileges, drivers must show proof of Texas auto insurance to the department of motor vehicles. Valid Texas auto insurance is also required to obtain and renew vehicle registrations and to complete the annual state safety inspection for the vehicle.

High-risk drivers with extensive driving histories may find it difficult to locate Texas auto insurance. To ensure that everyone can comply with the Texas auto insurance requirements, Texas offers its high-risk drivers the option to secure Texas auto insurance with the Texas Auto Insurance Plan Association. This association only offers coverage to drivers who have been refused coverage by, at least, two Texas auto insurance carriers. Policies under the Texas Auto Insurance Plan Association only offer liability coverage, including personal injury protection (PIP) and uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. Texas Auto Insurance Plan Association policies do not provide physical damage coverages, such as comprehensive and collision. Although Texas Auto Insurance Plan Association policies are more expensive than standard Texas auto insurance policies, drivers are not refused Texas auto insurance coverage because of their driving history.